Thomy, Switzerland’s number 1 culinary brand launched in Thailand

What are the things Swiss people miss most when living abroad? Many Swiss people will reply that they miss their beloved Mustard and Mayonnaise of Thomy. So you wouldn’t be surprised to discover that a couple of tubes of Thomy Mustard and Mayonnaise are what Swiss people bring back from Switzerland. Now there is no need for this anymore as we launched Thomy in Thailand.

Having a brand awareness of 98%, Thomy enjoys a very high average household consumption.

Thomy pic


The first products which were launched in Thailand are:

Mayonnaise a la Francaise: this distinctive recipe with 80% sunflower seed oil and 5% egg yolk (from free range farming) with a little bit of mustard is the perfect companion for many dishes.

Mustard mild: this mild mustard is the classic and by far the most popular mustard in Switzerland and Germany.

Top 2 Mayonnaise & Ketchup: a real Thomy innovation. Mayonnaise and Ketchup combined, coming out of the tube in playful stripes.

Available in Big C Extra, Foodland, The Mall, Friendship Supermarket.